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Corporate Gifts

Thoughtfully curated, tastefully assembled

a good Corporate Gift idea?

Corporate Gifts - Promote Wellbeing
Gift to promote wellbeing
Corporate Gifts - 100% Natural
All natural and organic ingredients
Corporate Gifts - Bespoke tea blends
Bespoke tea blends and packaging

Corporate Gifts - Elegant and Refined
Elegant and refined
Corporate Gifts - Concierge service
Concierge service
Noble gestures

Noble gestures of gratitude

Thoughtful gifting for every occasion, be it a celebration such as Ramadan, Eid, Christmas and Diwali, wedding, corporate affair or appreciation event, our tea gifts and accessories are curated to not only stir the senses but also evoke a sense of timelessness and togetherness, celebrating the seconds that count and moments that truly matter.

Our gifts go beyond the ordinary and are personalized and customized, making them as unique as the recipient who receives them. From minimalistic and modest to spectacular gifting, our tea gifts are curated to cater to an array of needs, both personal and professional, specializing in the hospitality and bespoke events sector.

*Prices start from AED 45

*Customization lead time from 2 weeks 

Partnering with Tea Lovers

We offer a range of customizable corporate gifts that include VIP, deluxe and petit gifts, all of which are tastefully curated and thoughtfully assembled into sleek and sophisticated gifts for the discerning.

When words are just not enough, our VIP tea gifts are grand gestures of gratitude that make a statement. For a modest yet meaningful gift, our deluxe tea selection can be customised and presented as a token of appreciation or nostalgia. Simple yet symbolic, our petit gifts deliver uncompromising quality and quantity, perfect for celebrations and festivals.

Just right for the Occasion

Gifts for Clients

Gifts for Clients

Exclusive, individualized and personalized corporate gifts to prolong relationships in a caring and elegant way.

Gifts for Employees

Gifts for Employees

Cherish your employees and they will care for your clients. Reward them with healthy corporate gifts to promote their wellbeing.

Gifts for weddings & anniversaries

Weddings & Anniversaries

Celebrate a special occasion like a wedding or a business anniversary by sharing healthy habits.

Gifts for special occasions

Special Occasions

Business gifts for all year occasions: Ramadan, Diwali, UAE National Day, Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Bespoke luxury corporate gift boxes Dubai

Ordering Process

A gift as unique as its recipient. Our process begins with a purpose as we aspire to understand the reason for your gift as well as the likes, dislikes, needs and wants of the recipient. The rest is seamless as we tie up the loose ends by understanding your budget, quantity and timeline for gifting.


Advancing Tea

The AVANTCH team strives to advance the experience of fine tea.

Advancing Taste

At AVANTCHA, experiencing the ultimate sophisticated taste of premium tea is embraced and encouraged through continual innovation, learning and growth.

Advancing Togetherness

Achieving connection and healthy relationships centered around a superior tea experience for our consumers.

“This is just a quick note to let you know that we already started distributing the Blooming Tea and we receive very good feedback from our clients. I highly recommend you and our cooperation with you to them and some of them even consider to take this idea for their client gifts. Best regards”
Jumeirah Group Natalie, Associate Director Of Sales – Groups
Jumeirah Group
“Dear AVANTCHA, Thanks for the hampers. They are made extremely well and all the clients have given a very good feedback for the same. Thank you.”
VFS Global Khushnaaz
VFS Global

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