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Our Mission

To inspire people to embrace moments of peaceful, emotive togetherness and connection – with themselves and with their friends, families and communities, by providing the best, contemporary, sophisticated tea experience with superior taste and a concierge service.

The Advance of Taste


Our Story

Inspired by the 21st century innovation in the food industry, Markus and Marina, founded AVANTCHA in Dubai in 2013. Being food aficionados and minimalistic design lovers, they went on a mission to source the finest teas from around the globe and present them in modern, sleek and minimalistic designed packaging. Focusing on functional and elegant tea presentation, AVANTCHA designs its tea accessories in-house to redefine the modern tea experience, beyond a simple refreshment.

While AVANTCHA has the mission to advance the tea experience, we’re also committed to advancing togetherness – from championing the natural connections between friends, family and even strangers over a cup of tea, to empowering connected and sustainable communities in an increasingly disconnected world.

We focus on connecting consumers to the stories of the farmers and communities that produce our exquisite range of teas. We place emphasis on upholding sustainable tea production practices that have a low impact on the environment while maintaining our commitment to sourcing the finest teas on the market. Our extensive range of certified organic teas, biodegradable silk teabags and naturally farmed rare teas further enhance the overall experience and allow consumers to rediscover tea in its purest form.

Driven by a desire to marry traditional tea culture with modern sophistication – AVANTCHA is a tribute to the timeless sanctity of tea and a celebration of serendipitous moments on the palate.

Our Vision

  • Advancing Tea – the AVANTCHA team strives to advance the experience of fine tea.
  • Advancing Taste – At AVANTCHA, experiencing the ultimate sophisticated taste of premium tea is embraced and encouraged through continual innovation, learning and growth.
  • Advancing Togetherness – Achieving connection and healthy relationships centered around a superior tea experience is the brand’s end goal for our consumers.
  • Advancing Excellence – The AVANTCHA team brings their best everyday, truly loving what they do and it shows.
  • Advancing Sustainability – AVANTCHA champions the sustainable sourcing and production of tea globally.
  • Advancing Service – the AVANTCHA approach is one of genuine care, commitment and accountability; our concierge team and our founders are passionate, committed, and will engage with clients 24/7 to assist them.
Sustainable practises

Our Sustainable Practise

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that we can source our teas in sustainable ways, that we offset our carbon footprint and that we are continuously looking for ways to source degradable or compostable packaging in our supply chain.

All our teas are EU compliant, organic certified (EU) or under our own label “Natural Farming’ with available test reports. We strongly believe in organic and natural farming as pesticide free products are not only healthier but it considers the medium and long terms effect of agricultural interventions on the agro-system.

  • it builds a healthy soil
  • it combats erosions
  • It supports water health
  • It supports animal health & welfare

AVANTCHA teas are organic certified, AE-BIO-134. You will find the logo on the majority of our packaging. In the case where not all ingredients were available in organic form, we mentioned the percentage of organic components on the back label.

Biodegradable packaging

Our teabags contain the same quality tea as our loose leaf collection and are packed in biodegradable material.
The teabags are made from plant based material called polylactic acid (or PLA). PLA is made from vegetable based material, often cornstarch or sugar cane. PLA is NOT derived from petroleum and will not leak harmful plasticizers into your brew.

This material is designed to biodegrade in high heat, commercial composting environment. AVANTCHA teabag will not breakdown in your cup of tea, even if left for many hours or days.

No glues, staples or metals

The teabags use long cotton threads and paper tags that are heat sealed.

Natural flavoring

The superior taste of our scented blends is due the natural flavorings we use in tea blending. Natural flavorings are concentrated derivatives from real food ingredients. We use natural flavours in compliance with EU organic standards.


Our Team

Markus Zbinden

Co-founder / Owner

Marina Rabei

Co-founder / Owner

Agnes Immersi

Managing Partner – Switzerland

Katherine Wright

Managing Partner – UK

Macarena Echeguren

Corporate Sales Director

Rocío Torres
Rocío Torres

Tea Operations & Training

Shilpa Almeida

Logistics & Supply Chain

Sintija Elnione

Creatives & Marketing

Svetlana Tendler
Svetlana Tendler

Administrator & Ecommerce

Clara Suga

Tea Shop Assistant

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